I find myself sceptical about the benefits that applying digital game based learning (DGBL) or how virtual worlds, such as second life, can benefits libraries in the immediate circumstances, or even through their development or evolution in the future.  However, I do agree with Jenny Levine’s  point that librarians should at least try and get in on the ground floor to try and understand what they are and how people use them despite the hyperbolic comparison to the development of the internet. 


One suggestion that I liked was brought up in library journal by Kurt Squire & Constance Steinkuehler in which they described a form of virtual world wiki library where users make the major decisions about content and service.  It wouldn’t even be a bad idea to take the ideas that patrons put into such a virtual library into actual libraries.

 As for DGBL, I believe it’s still too in its infancy to comment with any confidence but I do like the idea brought up by David M. Antonacci and Nellie Modaress, that it encourages constructivist learning “where knowledge is constructed by the learners as they are actively problem solving in an authentic context”.  It will be interesting to see how things develop in these areas over the next 5-10 years down the road.