Social Networking Case Studies…

July 20, 2007

UWO – Western community and live journal

This I think is a very good idea, though I think it would be good to have specific social networks based on subject of study, or issue (like housing or events on campus).  This particular community  is a little all over the place, and also is needs a needs a better colour scheme.  Students able to post their questions and ideas to others is a good idea but I can see that many of the problems that some students encounter may come up several times and a blog format like this doesn’t allow for good archiving.  Maybe if there was a wiki as well it may be as useful. 

My Space & Teens

 I think the big detraction from this is the lack of actual items on what practices are being employed in terms of libraries using My Space as well as why these libraries are using it and what makes them successful.  I think it is a good idea that libraries employing My Space network together to see how each of them employs it.

 My Own Cafe 

This I think is one of the best applications of anything from Web 2.0 in a library.  Maybe a little too much Harry Potter and Dance Dance Revolution stuff, but I guess that’s what the kids are into these days.  Having a something that allows people to network over specific common interests is best and this does that very well by allowing people to discuss their tastes in music and books.  However if it is a site for teens to connect to library services it may be best to emphasize the info centre section more, and perhaps drop the term “reference” for something more relatable.

 Libraries on Myspace 

I find this to be very poorly organized and difficult to navigate but that may be just the nature of Myspace and my lack of experience with it.  It does improve on the My Space & Teens by actually encouraging conversation and interaction on the topic itself though.


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