RSS 2…

June 10, 2007

The readings and case studies for this week for the most part re-enforced my perceptions about how libraries can apply RSS feeds.   As exemplified by the case studies on Proquest, EBSCO, and Engineering Village 2 I think that the most practical application is in literature searches of large databases and keeping up with journal releases (Gerry McKiernan).  I agree with Reichardt that grad students and faculty that would be the most interested groups, though I could see myself using this if it were available during my undergrad studies.  I can see people who are doing research intensive work in specific fields looking to RSS feeds to keep up with research and scholarly output.  Unfortunately I don’t see other applications such as keeping up with library acquisitions and events as being as successful on a larger scale.  I think with RSS, and other forms of “social software”, that application has to be tied in with specific information needs of patrons.  Reflecting on what Gerry and Elise have said in regards to “a digest-style reference service”, I do believe that this would be the best approach as I don’t believe that the average person is terribly “keen” on everything a library purchases or is doing.  I think with proper research into a library’s user base, feeds can be specialized on particular topics of interest. 


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