WordPress problems…

May 28, 2007

I don’t think that anyone else in the class has a wordpress blog, but I if any of you do or have perhaps you could help me out with a problem I’ve been having.  As you can tell from the last entry, and perhaps this one as well, when I publish something it alters the font type, size, and colour.  If anyone knows how to fix it let me know thanks.


6 Responses to “WordPress problems…”

  1. Shivs Says:

    I HOpe YOU figure Out the FOnt on tHIS THING!!
    It is DrIvinG mE nUTS.
    Shivs xo

  2. Hi Neil,

    First, you should find it easy to change the layout theme of your journal, which should change your default font and size. Go here: http://wordpress.com/features/themes/ to see how you can change themes. Second, if you are using the rich-text editor, there may be some kind of font choice available to you. If you aren’t using the rich text editor, that might be your problem.


  3. amanda Says:

    Christy is right to point out the rich text editor. Do you copy & paste text into the post editing screen? If so, and if you’re using the rich text editor, it will retain all the formatting that is copied. So that could be the problem (or at least part of it).

  4. neil Says:

    yes I do copy from word and I believe that this theme doesn’t like times new roman. I was able to figure the text colour out using the rich text editor, but I don’t get a selection of fonts. I think if I post using arial it should be fine.

  5. qingyi Says:

    I am using wordpress too, but never had any problem with posting. if you want to copy and paste from MS word, you might click the icon next to the question mark and use the advanced tool bar. Then you will be able to do it. Good luck.


  6. Shannon/Spirit Says:

    I’m using WordPress too and haven’t had this problem, but I do all of my composing directy in the WordPress window. I have had some troubles with the overall formatting, but still feel this is more user-friendly software than Blogger’s offering.

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