Pavement might reunite!?

September 15, 2006

Who knows?


There have been questions as to the reasons why I chose the title and what it means.  Well it is a part of the opening lines to James Joyce’s indecipherable Finnegan’s Wake.  For a better explanation of the title’s meaning you can check out the wikipedia entry on it:  I took it to mean that everything comes back around, meaning that there is a circular nature to all things.  Recent perspectives by physicists on the shape of the universe also come to the conclusion that like on Earth if you keep traveling in a straight line you’ll end up where you started.  I’m not trying to be philosophical or sentimental though, I picked the title mostly for the fact that it sounds intelligent.  Plus I like Joyce, though I don’t think I’ll ever read Finnegan’s Wake but if you’re able to then you’ll probably be first.


September 10, 2006

I’ll send a shout out to Shivyd, who inspired and helped me set up this blog. I’ll try my best not to be too surly and cynical.  Merci beaucoups.